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Why business and social reviews embedded
on your site are important

Benefits for SEO

Search engines love new content on the site and customer reviews are as critical to your SEO ranking efforts as internal linking and on-site optimization. Search engines pick up on websites that are turned to consistently for their high-velocity, accurate reviews.

Social Proof

Referral Candy reports that 85 percent of consumers look through approximately 10 reviews while they're making up their mind. When the social proof is right in front of them on your website, you prevent the consumers from going elsewhere and getting distracted.

Boost sales

If your customers see a rating based on real business reviews right on your site, they don't need to waste time looking for this information elsewhere. As a result, increased trust, which led to a natural increase in sales.

Make your site trusty

Using our float badge directly on your site, your clients see that you have a great social rating and verified reviews. It gives undeniable advantages over others by increasing the confidence of your site.


Custom HTML template rating

A unique option for your Web designers to create your own rating template. In a regular HTML code, you use service variables - rating, company name, business photo, number of reviews, and others.

Custom HTML template

Write a review directly on the site

Your customers can leave reviews right on your site without having to go to a third-party reviews page. Get more reviews directly on your website!

Write a review

Awesome Features

Powerful Collection Builder helps to create the best reviews feed with a live preview. You can use many features: beautiful themes (Slider, Grid, Trust Badges, List), shortcode support, rating & exclude/include words filters, hide empty reviews, sorting, hide & show any elements, style options and others.

Custom HTML template

Who we are and our history

2016 We are creating a very easy-to-use, but at the same time functional plugin for displaying Google reviews on a WordPress site. There're free and business versions.

2017 There are two more plugins for Facebook and Yelp reviews. Google plugin comes out on top.

2018 All three free plugins on the top by downloads and ratings. The business plugin has crossed the mark of 15 000 paid customers.

2019 Global redesign of the business plugin, adding dozens of new features, 20 000 paid clients.

2020 Free plugins are used by over 104 000 WordPress sites. The paid plugin is used by 25 000 customers. Release of this Trust.Reviews cloud service for ANY site.

2021 We plan to launch a large number of new features and will focus on this cloud solution.

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