A few years ago I was desperate for a blender. I love making and drinking smoothies and wanted a decent blender to fulfill my passion. I did what I always do when I am need of a new product: I took to the internet in search of a new one. I spent time reading many reviews and finally settled on the Ninja after reading so many positive reviews about the product. They hooked me.

Ninja Master Prep Juicer Machine Review
After using the blender for a while I have made my own review.

Pros: The smaller size of this blender makes it easier to store. The motor is on top of the unit (this is really great to keep the whole unit clean and in working condition.) The blades are really sharp and have no problem chopping through some tough foods.

Cons: I bought this to make smoothies and this blender does not like to make certain foods smooth without constant pulsing action. Imagine trying to make a banana smoothie and the banana won’t get smooth without extra effort. While the metal blades are sharp steel, most of the rest of the unit is made of plastic and can be broken easily if all directions are not properly followed. Of course they are made of plastic and meant to break; how else can companies get you to come back for more?

Most blenders work using a cyclone spin action. The Ninja has blades at different heights that spin the food around rather than up and down. This is not an efficient way to blend smoothies unless you want to stand there hitting on and off to pulse the juicer machine. It takes all the quick work and fun out of making smoothies.

The cover does not completely block the pour spout. Unless you plan to wear your blended food – instead of drinking it – it is necessary to place a towel over the top and hold it down firmly while blending. This is another step that is irritating.

The sharp blades are hard to get cleaned without putting your hands and fingers very close to those dangerously sharp edges. Also, the motor on top is supposed to make it easier to keep the unit clean. However, the blade stick gets very dirty and food does get into the motor area, making cleaning a necessity every time the machine gets used.

Compare to Similar Electric Countertop Blenders

All in all, this is an okay blender. I have had worse, but I have also had some that out preformed this one in every way. However, I probably won’t purchase another one when this one does finally stop working.

I did go out and buy myself another blender. I bought the Blendtec Mixer and loved everything about it except the noise! I actually had to return that much loved blender (that makes awesome smoothies with little work) because it sounded like an airplane was literally landing in my kitchen. When every neighbor around complains about the sound, you know it’s bad. So, I am back to the Ninja. I use it when I am really desperate for a smoothie. However, because of the long list of cons, it mostly sits in the cupboard waiting until next time. One day it just might find itself in the trash can, along with all the other throw-away items in our world.