I have been wanting to do something completely different about my diet. For months, I’ve been experiencing all sorts of problems with my liver and kidneys and they just wouldn’t let up. Once I started paying extra attention to the pain, Kidney stones entered the picture and the cramps were just never ending. Eek!

Juicy Juice Recipes

After much time of hemming and hawing over the issue, I finally went to the doctor about the matter. He suggested that my diet wasn’t supplying the necessary nutrients my body needed to function and my liver just could not handle the sodium anymore. My beloved junk food! All those late night drive thru visits! You want me to just kick my loves out my life? How cruel.

But he really pushed for giving juicing a try. Since I am so stubborn about vegetables, it was an ideal fix for that issue. I’ll be able to drink something that is relatively tolerable to get everything I needed.

omega-juicer-pros-and-consI’ll admit, I was skeptical about this. But hear me out in this review, I am a changed woman for the most part.

So, I needed a really good juicer, plain and simple. Nothing too fancy and large, since I live and cook by myself. Just enough to get the job done. After much roaming about on the internet, I found that the Omega series was an excellent selection of juicers. I wanted something low maintenance without a high rpm. I turned to the Omega J8006 juicer and I don’t think I am going back.

The first thing that caught my attention was the price, which seemed pretty ideal for my budget. $227.98 was a comfortable price for what I wanted.

Firstly, this juicer relies on masticating to get out the juice. This keeps all the natural taste, color, vitamins, and whatever nutrients it has in your juice. You get all those amazing enzymes. That’s the entire point of changing my diet up in the first place and getting a juicer, so it definitely gets the job done there.
omega-juicer-prosThe juice has a much fresher taste as a result and I can refrigerate it for several days without losing any of the quality. It just tastes like it did when I first made it. For me, that is freaking awesome. I’d get really bored of having to juice every single day, so I can bulk it out in one go. Efficiency is always a plus in my book.

Even though I live on my own, the walls of my apartment aren’t the thickest. You can hear just about everything going on in your neighbor’s homes, unfortunately. Because of my work schedule, I’m going to be getting up at funky hours to make myself some breakfast juice. So noise level is a very important feature. This juicer hardly makes any noise. It’s relatively quiet and not disruptive.

I found it relatively easy to take apart and clean. One of my biggest faults is laziness and there was no way I was going to get something that would require me to spend eons cleaning it. I’ll just go back to my fast food if that was happening.
Omega-j8004-juicerRemember what I said about efficiency? My one qualm is the amount of time it takes to put together a really good cup of juice. Thirty minutes? Bologna. It took me a good fifty minutes to get a potent cup. That doesn’t work for me. Especially when I am getting really creative with the contents of my juice! I love to make a combination of spinach, kale, ginger, and apples typically. The more contents, the longer this sucker is going to take. Especially since the input hole is so small, it limits the amount that you put in at once.

Overall, I am generally satisfied with this juicer and what it has done for my life. I may dislike waiting forever and a day to put together the juice, but in the end it is worth it. It’s quiet, quaint, and easy to use. I’d recommend it for someone starting out with juicing.