Breville JE95XL is a 2-speed juice fountain plus juicer that you can use to make a delicious and nutritious juice from fruits and veggies. This 41p998zacvl-_sy355_Juicer has the ability to maximize juice extraction by automatically adjusting to juicing load. This Breville juice fountain can extract maximum juice from fruits and veggies and separate the fiber and seeds from the juice through its micro mesh filter that excellently spins at over 14, 00 maximum RPM. This juicer is powered by and 850-watt motor and patented 850 Watt with features that will make juicing quick and easy.

Breville JE95XL Features

  • 850 Watt Motor – Breville juice fountain motor is powerful enough for maximum juice extraction. It is capable of making 8 ounces glass of juice in just 5 seconds.
  • Large Feed Chute – The large feeder chute of the machine together with 2 speeds electronic controls makes juicing quick and easy even if you do not chop the ingredients into pieces.
  • Dishwasher Safe – All parts of the Breville JE95XL can be rinsed with warm water except for the motor.
  • Attachments – The machine includes 1-Liter juice jug, and 2 ½ Liter pulp container
  • 1 Year Warranty

The quality of Breville JE95XL can be rated as fantastic as it is made by the reputable manufacturer of kitchen electric appliances which is, Breville. You can expect that the professional juice fountain is one of the best Breville has to offer. The name of the brand is very important when juicing the best juicer. And getting the JE895Xl of Breville is a great advantage. The machine can also provide powerful juicing despite of ingredients you need to juice. Its strong 850-watt motor can quickly juice fruits and vegetables with lots of juice and smoothies living pulp dry.

The other great thing about Breville JE95XL is that aside from great power it is easy to clean too. The smartly designed cord wraps around the base for easy storage. The two speeds feature allows you to cho0se the setting of operation. This gives you the ability to slow down the juicing if you want to completely preserve the nutrients of the ingredients on the juice. If you want to make juice fast, this machine can give you 8 oz of juice in just five seconds. Amazing, isn’t it? Also, the huge feeder chute can accommodate an entire apple eliminating the need of chopping.

There are many websites that you can go and read real customer reviews this will give you the ability to know the good and bad points of the product. If you’ve read the good and bad points you will say that the juicer has a great value on its price. Also, when buying reading customer reviews make sure to pay close attention to every little detail in order for you have a better idea about the product. But rest assured, all the Breville JE95XL Review you can find will only say one thing. That thing is that the machine is valuable and great juicer.