Breville BJB840XL is simple to use and space saver juicer that has the capability of allowing you to create 1005 fresh juice from veggies and fruits. It is designed with commercial precision, intuitive controbjb840xl-zoomls, and die cast metal construction are the principles of Breville kitchen electrics. The combination of two kitchen essentials and interchangeable blender and juicer attachments makes Breville BJB840XL a powerful unit.

This blender features 5-speed variables with a pulse, ice crush, and smoothie settings. In addition, the product also features; extra wide feed chute, 100-watt motor juicer, 1200 watt motor blender, and Hemisphere Blade and Bowl Technology the precisely eliminate strap of foods. Breville BJB840XL is a five-speed juicer that comes with attachment parts that are dishwasher safe, 40 0z jug, 51 oz glass pitcher, and die cast metal frame. Apart from that, Breville BJB840XL has an overload protection system. It automatically shuts down when is senses an overload juicing.

Breville BJB840XL Features

  • Interchangeable Die Cast Base – Makes it easy to interchange the parts of blender and juicer easily.
  • 3Inches Feeder Chute – Allows you to process ingredients even without chopping.
  • Hemisphere and Bowl Technology – This feature allows you to easily remove foods straps that are stuck along its base.
  • 5 Speed Variables – Allows the machine to quickly juice ingredients without reducing the nutrient content of the juice extract.
  • Overload Protection – The machine detects and automatically shuts down if there is an overload. This prevents the juice to burst out on your countertop.

The construction of this machine is solid and sturdy. Both the blender and juicer operate smooth on full power and all the components are tightly locked on its base.  In addition, the parts can be easily disassembled and cleaned by warm water. If you prefer to use this juicer more than once a day, you will greatly appreciate its easy to clean features. Both the blender and juicer have an excellent power and offers easy clean up. The juicer’s pulp is fairly dry and it can be the reason why it is reasonably efficient while the blender’s smoothie, ice, and pulse mode works really well.

The performance of Breville BJB840XL juicer and blender are excellent even if they share same motorized base. The blender and juicer are simply attached to the base and are locked into based by the use of safety locking arm which is relatively firm and tight. The large 40 oz jug with fort separator include is great for removing juice and smoothie excess foam.

Where to Buy Breville BJB840XL Review?

There are plenty of places to buy Breville BJB840XL but the best place to go is the internet. There are lots of reviews that you can find about the product and this will give you a better idea of what the product is capable of. Also make sure that you pay close attention to the product features as well as real customer reviews so that you will know what others tell and think about the product. This will give you a better idea about Breville BJB840XL performance and benefits that you can get.