downloadThe Breville 800CPXL citrus press is easily one of the popular next-generation juicers in the market these days. For starters, it revolutionized the traditional manual operation by incorporating an automatic function—a landmark feature hailed by many health buffs and frequent juice drinkers. Aesthetically, this machine also adopts a kind of design principle that benefits both functionality and style. While it seems to possess only the good things imaginable for such a commercial-grade juicer, this review will take a closer look at its components as well as its upsides and downsides to allow the readers to justify its practicality and reliability.

 The Breville 800CPXL at a Glance

Engineered from high-quality brushed stainless steel, the Breville citrus press boasts of an industrial-strength body, which is a far cry from the usual plastic versions that would typically break down upon reaching the pressure limit. The machine is consists of several detachable parts namely the fruit dome, the juicing cone, the pulp filter and the juice collector. The body itself is equipped with a 500-watts motor which is responsible for the automatic extraction of citrus juices. This mechanism propels the quiet spinning motion of the juicing cone.


The machine is loaded with sufficient features to make juicing as convenient as possible. Perhaps the best selling point of the Breville citrus press is its user-friendliness. The handle itself supplies the required pressure for juicing. Simply lowering the handle correctly over the top of the citrus half will instantly activate the motor, which in turn will extract the juice.

With a Breville citrus press, it takes approximately one minute to fill an 8 oz. capacity glass with real fruit juice. Compared to a manual juicer, it can extract juices from a batch of lemons, oranges or grapefruits without any hassles. It is a bonus that the juicing cone also accepts all sizes of round citrus fruits.

Aside from its versatility, the Breville machine also yields more juice. Thanks to the uniquely ridged juicing cone, this citrus press can extract as much juice as possible from each half of a fruit. At the same time, the coarse pulp filter does an excellent job in allowing plenty of fruit pulp into the extracted juice while efficiently blocking away the seeds. This produces a healthier drink as users can have the benefits of both the citrus extract and its pulp.


Although the Breville citrus press looks perfect the way it is, it does have a few design issues which may affect the use of the machine in some ways. For one, it has a short electrical cord. Since the machine is intended for kitchen use, it may not be suitable for outdoors wherein the electrical outlet may be a bit too far to acquire power.

Another possible drawback in the machine’s design is the lack of a locking mechanism on the handle which will enable the part to be lowered down. With its upward oriented handle, some users may find it difficult to store the juicer in a limited space.


As proven by its efficiency and juice yield, the Breville citrus press is well worth the price. Compared to manual juicers, it performs the job in style—quiet, clean and hassle-free. These benefits offset any possible disadvantage in its use.