Smoothie can be described a thick, smooth drink recipe of freshly picked fruit mixes with milk, yogurt, or ice cream.  A healthy smoothie mix (alternatively meant smoothy, the name originates from the smooth property of the emulsion) is a blended and often sweetened refreshment made from fresh fruit healthy smoothie mix and in unique instances could consist of delicious chocolate or peanut butter. Aside from fruit, lots of healthy smoothies mixes consist of frozen ice, fruit, honey or including syrup and ice active ingredients.

It has a milkshake like consistency that is thicker compared to slush beverages. They could likewise have milk, natural yogurt or ice cream. Healthy smoothies mixes are typically marketed to health-conscious people, and some dining establishments provide add-ins such as soy milk, whey powder, environment-friendly herbal tea, herbal supplements, or dietary supplement recipe blends.

What are the types of healthy smoothie recipes for weight loss?

Green Smoothie Mixes: a combination of recipes extracted from green plants and cereals. Alternately called “Life Juices” or “Plant Blood”. Because of its green color coming from chlorophyll that is considered vital in photosynthesis for plants. It’s beneficial for our health due to its high nutritional value and high antioxidant supplements like A,B, C and E. Also minerals like Potassium, Calcium, Phosphor and Magnesium.

Most of the main ingredients of your weight loss program and food list consist of healthy green smoothies mixes of parsley, lettuce, celery, cereals, pulses, spinach, dark green vegetables and marine algae.

Green Smoothie Life


Symptoms of toxic body that Healthy Smoothies Heal

It could cleanse toxins from the body and heal pains. Some symptoms of toxins in our body consist of the following:

  • Tiring body
  • Migraine
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Muscle pains
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Excessive Weight
  • Body odor
  • Loss of bowel movements
  • Stomach ache
  • Hair loss
  • Spasmodic gases

You could feel some of these symptoms as outcome of accumulated toxins in your body.  So detox diet is the best alternative method to restore the body’s health. Part of the diet in to take healthy green smoothie recipes. The fact is that it’s the vital part of the diet.

Heathly benefits of Green Smoothies Mixes

Green Smoothy ReceiptsAside from adding this healthy green smoothie mixes in your daily regimen, it is also a source for minerals and antioxidants.  Its ability to cleanse the blood and providing oxygen flow because of its chlorophyll.  Therefore, take a drink of green smoothie every day and symptoms will subside and disappear.  After taking Green Smoothie for 2 weeks, here are the changes:

  • Lesser toxins
  • Increase in immunity
  • Smoother and glowing skin
  • Weight loss
  • Better mental health both physical and psychological
  • Increase in energy
  • Cleanse blood
  • Increase in digestion
  • Higher concentration
  • Better memory

A suggested mix of pineapple or orange juice to make the green smoothie taste great and refreshing is highly recommended. To burn more fats and help to reduce weight, try strawberry, raspberry and blueberry as alternative. It depends on your preference.