Best Golf Tips To Lower Your Handicap

Welcolme to the golf tips section of the site, this section is divided into a number of sections dedicated to different parts of the game right from driving to putting and help with the mind game that golf can be. If you are having trouble with a part of your game or you want to lower your handicap click on one of the links below to get some free tips on that section of the game.

All of the sections now have hits and tips added but more will be completed so please keep checking back as every day new content will be posted.


General Golf Tips

This section has some general tips that will help you improve and lower your handicap from grip tips and setup to how to hit your driver further you will find them all here. Also included in this section is some useful information regarding rules, types of games and other golf related gems of information.

Strengthen Your Hands and Fingers

Explanation of the Different Types of Golf Games

How to play out of a deep divot

Shot Making and Swing Tips

This section is dedicated to shot making and swing tips. By simple changes in your setup and technique these tips will help you play out of difficult lies, move the ball with a draw or fade to maneuver round obstacles.

How to Play the Up Hill Lie Shot

How to Play the Side Hill Lie Shot

How to Play the bunker or Sand Trap Shot

How to Play the pitch Shot

How to Improve your Chipping

Driver & Driving Tips

This section has tips on not only how to hit your driver out of sight but also with control so you end up in the trees. They say driver for show put for dough but if your drive ends up out of bounds or behind a tree then your not going to be putting for too much dough.


How to get more driver distance

Fairway Woods Tips

This section has tips on how your fairway woods can become effective weapons at attacking par 5’s and long par 4’s. The look of your fairway woods is very different from that of your long irons, when you look down on them you can see the loft so you feel that getting the ball airborne is no problem. Modern fairway wood are also of such a size that it gives you confidence that a large sweet spot offers.

What you cannot see when you address the ball is the sole of the club which is specially designed to slide through the grass rather than get caught up in it.

Even though these features make them easier to hit than most long clubs most golfers don’t realise how important they are to good scoring. For example if you are not the best driver of the ball you can keep the ball in play by hitting a 3 wood off the tee, you might loose a bit of distance but at least you are not in the trees or out of bounds.

If you look at your fairway woods as tools to get you close to the green on long par 4’s and attack the par 5’s. Develop a good short game with good fairway woods and you will be able to get up and down and score well.

Smooth tempo to sweep fairway woods

Ball position fairway woods

Tee Height Drill fairway woods

Long Iron Tips

Most amature golfers struggle with thier long irons, this is why rescue clubs have become so popular but there is no reason to leave your 3 iron in the locker, with a few tips and a bit of practice you should be able to use every club in the bag.

Leave them in the locker


Short Iron Tips

This section on short irons gives tips on not only how to knock it stiff but also how to use your irons to produce different types of shots for different conditions and approaches.

Carry more wedges to help lower your score

How to Play the pitch Shot

Chipping Tips

No one even Tiger Woods can hit every green and having a good short game can save your card and knock shots off your handicap. With a bit of practice and some good drills there is no reason why you should not get up an down from around the green more often than not.

Sharpen your sand wedge play

Putter & Putting Tips

They say that putting is a game within a game. It looks like quite a simple thing to do but there is so much to get right from reading the green, the speed of the put, aiming the put and then the putting stroke itself. With practice, some tips and drills you will be a become a better putter, lower your scores and reduce your handicap.


Use the line on the ball to help you aim

Shake to relax muscles before you put

Winter greens, don't change your stroke

Course Management Tips

This section on course management is probably one of the most important sections as no mater what you skill level, if you play the course correctly and think about where you want to put the ball and play the percentage shot then it should keep you out of trouble and lower your score and handicap.

How to play out of a deep divot

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